Pay It Forward

A small seed can produce a great future

About Us

Pay It Forward received its nonprofit status from the North Carolina Department of Secretary of State and The Federal Internal Revenue Service and is a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization ID#31954.

Our Mission

Pay It Forward is dedicated to helping disadvantaged and disenfranchised individuals remove challenges caused by the lack of resources, exposure, and support.

Our Vision

PFM's vision is to influence communities to consistently invest in the success of people, where individuals who have received help, in return help others.


PFM's strategy is to link community resources and provide information that can simultaneously address
 multiple needs for holistic progress.

Interactive Resource Center

  • Website Users Locate Resources
  • Users Can Recommend a Resource to be vetted and added

  • Returning Citizens (Ex-Offender) Job Fair


  • Provide Employment Resources Including Professional Clothing and Employer Listings
  • Host Employment Preparation Workshops
  • Host Returning Citizens Job Fairs in Triad and Surrounding Areas

  • Jail Outreach

  • Motivate and Provide Hope
  • Hold an outreach program that focuses on impacting individuals who will be incarcerated for 21 Months          or less
  • Provide Toiletries and Undergarments
  • Assist With Restoration of Rights
  • Re-Entry Program  (coming soon)

  • Community Partnerships


  • We Partner With local business,Retail Stores,Barbers, Hair Stylists, Dry Cleaners, Clothing and Shoe           Stores,Churches,Law Enforcement Agencies, and Social Services to Donate funds Services or Item(s).
  • Recipients Provide Service Through Volunteerism to Pay It Forward Inc.


  • Job Readiness


  • Facilitate Courses on Various Topics Including Resume Writing, Interview Techniques,Skills Assesment             and Professional Dress

Board of Directors

Michael M. Thomas/Executive Director

Michael is the Founder and Executive Chair of Pay It Forward. He and his wife Faith Thomas have been involved in outreach and social services for more than two decades. They have a heart for reaching individuals who face challenges due to poverty, displacement, and lack of resources. 

Through their community involvement and leadership roles, Michael and Faith have spent years serving thousands of people with food, clothing, toiletries, resources, workshops, seminars, acts of kindness, and messages of hope. 

Their goal is to reach the disadvantaged and disenfranchised in the Piedmont Triad, Danville, Virginia, and surrounding areas with a “pay it forward” approach that is designed to assist individuals by providing uncommon solutions for common challenges. With this in mind, Michael and Faith established Pay It Forward September 2015.

Faith N.Thomas

Faith Thomas is a native of Hertford, North Carolina and currently resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University where she discovered her talent for research and writing. 

For the past 20 years, Mrs. Thomas has been an associate for a multinational banking and financial service corporation where she developed her skill set as a business support manager, risk assessor, training facilitator, operations analyst, and project manager.

As an Assistance Vice President, Mrs. Thomas has years of experience working with senior levels of management and developing programs and workflows to build business with a customer-focused acumen.

Her skills extend beyond banking and are reflected in her community work. For more than a decade, she has served people by coordinating services and programs that provide an opportunity for people to give back to their respective communities.

Mrs. Thomas has served as an outreach department leader who has worked with hundreds of people to help individuals in need of clothes, food, and employment. She is a co-founder of Pay It Forward, where she finds joy in helping the disadvantaged overcome common challenges with uncommon solutions.

Bennie Boswell Jr.

A graduate of Leadership Atlanta, Boswell is an (advisor) and a retired Senior Vice President of Wachovia (Wells Fargo). He and his wife Helen have lived in Lawrenceville, Georgia for more than 28 years.

Boswell is a former chairman of The Atlanta Urban League, The Atlanta Children’s Shelter, The Bridge, and The Page Foundation. He also served as the Vice Chairman of Sheltering Arms Early Education and Family Centers. Additionally, Boswell was a member of the boards of directors of:

  • Camp Best Friends
  • Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
  • Family Connection Partnership

  • Piedmont Park Conservancy
  • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
  • Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia

A native of Danville, Virginia, Boswell graduated with honors from Williams College and with a Bachelor of Arts in History.

Jervais Seegars

Jervais Seegars is a native of Savannah, Georgia and currently a resident of San Jose, California. Mr. Seegars is a business development and product marketing manager for Wi-Fi at Qorvo Inc., a company based in Silicon Valley.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and received certifications in leadership, corporate finance, marketing, and management with a concentration in business management from the University of California at Berkley. 

Mr. Seegars’ career involves strategy market requirements analysis and pricing, the research of competitive activity, identification of customer needs, international and domestic travel, as well as the development of present roadmaps for customers and partners. 

His talents extend beyond the world of technology and coincide with his love for people. For more than five years, Mr. Seegars has impacted thousands of young people as the Youth Pastor of Harvest World Outreach Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

As a teacher, mentor, and role model, Mr. Seegars uniquely addresses the challenges children and young adults face by teaching timeless principles with a current-day approach. He evolved the teen network from the tens to hundreds of participants and provided teen leadership opportunities where young people were able to grow in music, dance, public speaking, and event planning.

Mr. Seegars continues to serve people wherever he is needed and is currently a Board Member of Pay It Forward, an organization that focuses on assisting individuals with a “reach forward” approach where the disadvantaged receive help and, in turn, extend their help to others.

Natia Seegars

Natia Seegars is a native of Washington, DC and currently resides in San Jose, California. She is known as a Growth Marketer and a Glass Half-Full Enthusiast. 

Mrs. Seegar has a passion for brand building, and her creativity and strategic thinking has afforded her great success within the corporate arena. After obtaining her Bachelor of Arts and Science degree in Integrated Marketing, she attended New York University’s Academic Achievement Program in Art and Management. Following her education and with her professional expertise, Mrs. Seegars worked with corporate entities including Volvo Trucks North America, B/E Aerospace, NTT America, and Apex Analytix. 

After a decade of experience, Mrs. Seegars has established herself as a successful business woman with a great acumen of event promotion and social media culture. Her ability to collaborate with stakeholders to develop effective marketing and strategic branding makes her a valuable asset to organizations connected to her work.

Mrs. Seegars also has government experience through her work as a PR Intern with the U.S. Senate Committee on Rules for Senator John Warner. 

Beyond corporate success, Mrs. Seegars is equally passionate about community building through volunteerism. As the Assistant Program Director and Marketing Lead for One Way Youth, she created and branded a teen network, involving hundreds of young people at Harvest World Outreach Church in Greensboro, North Carolina. 

In this network, Mrs. Seegars fulfilled the roles of event manager, inspirational speaker, and mentor for children and young adults throughout the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. She has also served as a board member, brand marketing strategist, and PR Education for Class Act Productions. 

Currently, Natia Seegars serves as a Board Member of Pay It Forward, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to helping individuals who are disadvantaged and in need of resources, exposure, and emotional support to become positive contributors to society.

Laura Aples

Laura Aples is a native of eastern North Carolina and a resident of Hertford, North Carolina.

As a distinguished service member of the United States Air Force, Mrs. Aples has acquired unique skill sets as an avionics communication technician, an installation deployment officer, and a manager within the Circuit Card Repair Center. She has also been a superintendent in the Command War Reserve Material, Logistics Readiness, Deployment, and Distribution Flight.

Since her military retirement, Mrs. Aples has continued her service to the people as a volunteer at Rhema Ministries Institute, Inc. She is currently the Youth Program Manager for Albemarle Commission.

Mrs. Aples’ professional skills include fiscal operations and budgeting, outreach and advocacy. Additionally, she is a workforce development and human services professional. 

With more than 25 years of experience working with military personnel, veterans, families, helping agencies, and civilian professionals, Mrs. Aples has the proven ability to manage personnel, assess and identify problems, implement practical solutions, and maintain composure in crisis situations.

Norman Autry

Norman Autry is a native of Blandsboro, North Carolina and currently resides in Durham, North Carolina. Mr. Autry received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Proceeding his education, Mr. Autry managed a SuperShoes location for more than a decade. With 43 stores in Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Vermont, and West Virginia, SuperShoes is known for being a leading footwear retailer throughout the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States.

Mr. Autry later diversified his career by becoming a real estate broker and insurance agent. These career paths have provided him with a unique approach to managing and serving people based on company goals and customer expectations. He is also an asset to his community and has served in leadership roles at his local church to help with administrative duties and provide counsel on how to best serve people.

Aside from this, Mr. Autry has been a consistent partner of food and clothing drives and assists with bringing awareness to premature birth issues through his participation with the March of Dimes.

He currently serves as a Board Member of Pay It Forward and a volunteer for events that are focused on the needs of the incarcerated and returning citizens.